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The Origin


ONE has forgotten. From the fact of separation from Sat-Chit-Ananda comes forgetfulness of what one is. You believe you are, does not matter what, a boy, a girl, a man, a woman, a dog, a horse, anything: a stone, the sea or the sun. You think you are all that, instead of thinking that you are the One Divine. Indeed, if you had continued to think that you are the One Divine, there would have been no universe at all. The phenomenon of separation seems to have been indispensable, otherwise it would have remained always as it was.

But once the curve has been followed up and the Unity re-established, having profited by the multiplicity and division, the Unity found is of a higher quality: a Unity that knows itself, instead of a unity that does not know itself, for there is nothing else there which knows the other. Where the Unity is absolute, who or what can know the Unity? Hence the need of the appearance of something which is not that, in order to know what it is.  

I believe this is the secret of the universe. Perhaps the Divine truly wanted to know Himself, then He cast Himself out of Himself and looked at Himself. And now He wants to take the joy of this possibility of being Himself with the full knowledge of Himself. It becomes much more interesting.



All physical life has the vital as its origin. The vital has the mental reality as its origin. The mental itself has another origin. And so on.

Nothing can be manifested upon earth physically unless it has at its origin a higher truth. Otherwise the world would not exist. If it were something flat, having its origin in itself, it  

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would very soon cease to exist. It is because there is a force, an energy that drives, behind the manifestation that life continues to exist. Otherwise it would soon exhaust itself.



The original Will was towards forming individual beings that would be capable of becoming conscious again of their origin, although the procedure of individualisation compelled the individual to feel itself separate in order to be an individual. And the very moment it is separated, it is cut off from the original Consciousness, at least apparently, and falls into inconscience, for the only thing that is the Life of life is the Origin.

It is this inconscience that brings it about that you are not aware any longer of the Truth of your being. The secret of all deformation in the world is this inconscience which has been produced by the fact of separation from the Origin. And that explains why there are ugliness, wickedness, illness, suffering and death. It is because of this inconscience that although the Origin is there, it cannot manifest itself. It is there, that is why the world exists, but it is deformed in its expression, because it manifests itself through inconscience, ignorance and obscurity.

The only way to set everything right is to be conscious again and it is very simple.

There is only one Origin. This Origin is the Truth at its perfection, for it is the only thing that truly exists. It has exteriorised itself, projected itself, scattered itself, and by so doing has produced what we see, a mass of very fine, very brilliant brains in search of that which they have not yet found and which they find at last; for what they are in search of is within them. The remedy is within the heart of the Evil.

There is what we call the Truth, the foundation of all things, because if that was not there nothing would be. There is nothing which does not carry within it an eternal Truth, otherwise it would not be. The universe would not exist for one thousandth part of a second if it did not contain in itself a Truth.

And once you have found the truth, you find the Origin, you find out why things are what they are and the means of changing them. If you are in contact with the Divine, you have the key to everything. You know the how, the why, the process by 

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which that may change. So there is something to be done. It is so interesting.

You represent a little mass of agglomerate substance that forms your self. Enter into that and find the key. You cannot say: "That is beyond me, that is too great for me." Go within the little person and you will find the key that opens all the doors.



You are That, you are in That.

To make you understand more easily, I may say, That is within us, That is part of our consciousness somewhere. Otherwise we would never be able to be conscious of it. If we did not carry the Divine within ourselves, in the essence of our being, we would never be aware of Him, it would be an impossible task.

You can turn the problem the other way round. The very moment you conceive and feel in one way or another, or even, to begin with, you admit that the Divine is within you and you are also within the Divine, that itself pushes the door a little, half-opens it. And if subsequently a great aspiration comes and an intense need to know and to be, then you can glide in. When you have glided in, you become conscious of what one is.



There is only one thing to be found, not two.

If Science moves forward in a definite direction, if it progresses sufficiently, if it does not stop short on the way, it will find the same thing as was found by the mystics.

If one goes round long enough one must come back to the same point. And once you come back, you have the impression that there was never anything to find outside. Yes, it is like that, there is nothing to find outside yourself. 

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